Saturday, August 18, 2012

SUBJECT: I see what you did there.

My Most Clever Nephew, Oh my! This move has stirred things up quite a bit! I'm not exactly sure how you managed to sabotage the phone system AND the email system (or is it that you are able to make it appear so?), but I am just now starting to see your plan. By being in a separate building, people have to rely on phone and email to contact you. Nobody is concerned when you don't pick up the phone or email right away. So there's no way to know if you are attending to their problem or not. Someone has to spend an hour in just driving time to get to and from your office, so hardly anyone bothers. You can now slow down projects by claiming that you didn't get the email or voicemail! Very clever! If you keep this up, you may be ready to prepare others to follow your lead.

 Keep up the good work!
 Your Favorite Auntie
SUBJECT: You continue to confound me

My Most Needy Nephew,

I'm not sure what to think when I heard you volunteered to swap office space so that the Accounting Department could be closer to the Payroll department. I had remembered that you had done some pretty heavy back-stabbing to get those offices for you and your team last year.

You had one of the best offices in the building for yourself, close to the parking lot so you could leave early and come in late without notice. You had a set of restrooms that were inconvenient for nearly everyone except your team.

Now you find yourself in a completely isolated building that is not very well kept and not very convenient to get to.

What are you up to?