Monday, July 2, 2012

SUBJECT: Very Cute


You young kids always keep me on my toes! When you asked me about getting your ears pointed, I didn't really understand the meaning you associated with it. I had assumed you either had some sort of 'imp' look you were going for or were a huge Star Trek fan.

But then you started doing this strange style to your hair with a little point between your eyes. I must say, I chalked it up to some new fad that old people like me just didn't understand.

But after making a casual remark to Mr. Headcheese, he explained that you are a big fan of Dilbert's Mordac. I wasn't aware of this character, so I looked him up. Oh Boy! You have certainly nailed the likeness to a T!

Keep up the good work,

Your Loving Auntie.

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