Thursday, April 5, 2012

SUBJECT: Metrics


I was looking over the proposed Metrics Standards document you drafted and am very disappointed. It's all very well to require five pages of metrics each week for each team, but you must be more careful in picking your metrics.

Since I know you will be unable to figure this out on your own, let me be blunt. Take out the Defect Detection Percentage and the whole section on test requirement coverage. These are far too helpful for the director and the other metrics are seemingly helpful enough that he won't complain about the content. If he does, you need to be sure to speak to him as if he were a fool and suggest that if he doesn't understand these metrics, maybe he's not suitable for his position. That may be a bit risky, but if you use the right nuance, then he will internalize the comment as if he had come to that conclusion himself.

Your deovted Auntie Cueway

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