Saturday, April 14, 2012

SUBJECT: Some improvement

Sweet Gunther,
I must say that I am impressed with your latest coup. In the chaos of the loss of your best tester, you planted seeds of project management hell in the Director's mind and he took it to heart. My good friend Mr. Headcheese says that all projects are now required to account for all their time in 5 minute increments throughout the day.

I can't tell you how much I've tittered just thinking about all the overhead this must be causing.  Then I think of the additional overhead you've inflicted on the whole team by insisting that all requirements documents be corrected of grammar and spelling before they can be reviewed! Fortunately, you had your head about you when the project manager started to be concerned about the additional overhead caused by this and you suggested that the company 'minimize' the overhead by buying a tool. And my little Gunther remembered that this purchase will also result in additional kickbacks for me.

I do appreciate this nod to my rank and position and I will remember this.

Your dearest Auntie Cueway

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