Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TO: gunther@corp.com
FROM: auntie@corp.com
SUBJECT: Some improvement

What a clever boy!

You managed to really turn around a potentially tragic situation! After your last policy changes, the Director (not unexpectedly) started to get complaints about these draconian requirements. From both your last letter and from my dear confidant Mr. Headcheese, I understand that you gave the Director some 'ammunition' to fight off these complaints. Your advice to him is truly inspired by the most crafty of our kind. To have the complaints of these efforts responded to empty rhetoric such as "We all value Quality", "Quality is Job 1" and "Quality is Everyone's Responsibility" without any meaningful changes to process is truly epic!

I should warn you, lest your head get too big for your shoulders, that this too may only quell the masses for a short time. Be on guard for those that attempt to bypass your policies and start to put their own good practices in place.

Your Biggest Fan,
Auntie Cueway

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