Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SUBJECT: You ARE an enterprising young man after all!

Sweetest Gunther,

You certainly have shown that my teachings haven't been completely wasted! Mr. Headcheese informs me that you have managed to 'kill two birds with one stone' so-to-speak. I had no idea you had this level of devious behavior in you.

You can only imagine my surprise as Mr. Headcheese tells me how you slowly got your most talented tester to take on more and more responsibilities by convincing her that she was the only one capable of doing these things. Then, the auditors somehow came to strongly suggest that the in-house server room be relocated immediately to an out-of-state location. I'm still not sure how you were able to destabilize the power grid for your side of town, but that certainly did the trick! My favorite part was how you convinced the project manager in charge of the move to a ridiculous alternate plan. Oh, if could have only been a spider on the wall to listen to how you soothed his fears that the move wouldn't go well.

I hear that the tester is on long-term disability for PTSD and that your team is now in such chaos since nobody knows how to do what she had been doing.

I can only say that, if you continue on this path, you will certainly be properly recognized for your efforts. Needless to say, the kickbacks I get for the tools your team uses remains as secure as ever, thanks to your clever work.

Auntie Cueway

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