Thursday, April 5, 2012

SUBJECT: Automation

My Darling Gunther,

From what I hear from the developers, your test automation strategy is coming along nicely. The tests are just unstable enough to often work, but not so unstable to warrant a re-write. They still require lots of manual intervention to start and then to review results. My favorite part is that you were able to convince the director that the work needed to automatically put the results into the test management system are so onerous, that it's not really worth the effort. If my calculations are correct, the automation is twice as time consuming as if you were running the tests manually. This is quite an achievement and will ensure that our test tool licenses will continue to be funded (along with my kickbacks).

But I do have a word of warning, the director is not so simple-minded as to be fooled for long. You must be able to quickly show improvements in the automation so that he doesn't bring in a consultant or hire someone that can see through your ruse.

Always your servant,
Auntie Cueway

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